Website Goals

FixerUpperMap.com has no negative intention towards the property or owners of these houses. The goal of this website is for fans of the HGTV’s Fixer Upper to enjoy a plethora of information about the show and it’s contestants all in one place.

Where were the addresses found?
– whitepages.com

– Zillow/Trulia/Realtor.com

– Airbnb/VRMO/Homeaway

– Google Maps

– Public Records in digital format

Are these addresses correct?
– To the best of our knowledge.

Going to use the map on your next trip to Waco, TX?
– Be a good visitor.
– Remember that all addresses belong to private residence.
– Be respectful of the residence and of private property.
Looking for a way to contact FixerUpperMap.com?
– Fill out our contact form on the Contact us page.

Have an address for a house we are missing?
– Fill out our contact form on the Contact us page.

Is FixerUpperMap.com associated with HGTV or Magnolia Markets?
– No.

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